Thank you and goodbye

Swanie van Gesunde Hunde beantwoordt vragen voor Juliette de Baïracli Levy, de levende legende op het gebied van natuurlijke voeding en kruiden die in 2006 al 94 jaar was.

Thank you and goodbye

Ongelezen berichtdoor Gesunde Hunde » 12 aug 2006 09:59

Dear BARF natuurlijk forum,

one of the first people to accept Natural Rearing were the Dutch. Judge Toepoels was an excellent example as he gave first marks to many of the breeds pioneering Natural Rearing, which includes several of my Turkuman Afghan hounds.

It has been a pleasure to read and answer your questions here. I am so pleased that so many people are still and are again following the principles of Natural Rearing so carefully.
Natural Rearing is such a good example for people to follow because not only does it encourage the natural way of life, it also totally excludes cruel experiments on animals of any kind.

I wish you all and your dogs much success and the good health which always follows with Natural Rearing.

With love,
Juliette de Bairacli Levy

P.S. I also thank you for having Juliette here and hope that we were able to answer your questions satisfactorily. Should we have missed a question please have Ignit send the question to me per E-Mail - I will see to it that it is answered.
Juliette will be leaving my home in the next days and hopefully returning somehow to her beloved Greek shores.

Gesunde Hunde
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